Interior Remodeling Services

We are right at home with interior remodeling. From his earliest days in carpentry (mid-80s), Gunnar Hanson has been involved in these types of projects. This type of work is invasive and messy. We are sensitive to this. We take special care to minimize the hardship for the homeowner and we implement measures to keep the related dust level down. 

Interior Remodeling includes extensive projects that often require removing walls, adding entire rooms, or changing the initial structure of your home. We do many of the needed tasks ourselves and outsource specific portions such as extensive electical and plumbing work to trusted professionals. You won't be disappointed with our work and we'll get the job done right.

Popular Interior Remodeling Projects Include:

  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Living Room Addition
  • In-wall Book Shelf Addition
  • Ceiling Beams and Additional Support Structure

"Mr. Hanson is an honest contractor who sticks by his word, and is a pleasure in which to deal."

Scott Levine of Eden, Utah